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Yemima Mizrachi – p’ achrey mot

Ashira Worldwide – with multilingual translations – to choose language click “cc” at upperright corner of the player

Welcome to Ashira Worldwide with Multilingual Translations

10 ש”ח per view Hebrew – manual translation no errors English /French / Russion / Spanish / Yiidish / Italian – mechanical tranlation – most likely to contain errors Some funny , some embaracing If you want to help fix the translation please contact us A big thank s for all translators and subtitlors Rachely , Adva, Inbal, Batya , Yaara, Avital, Mazalit, Mimi ,Yael, Libi, Elinoam, Shira, Shiran, Miryam , Roxi, Ariana, Ester

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